Ise-Kumano-Wakayama Area
Tourist Pass

Ise-Kumano-Wakayama Area Tourist Pass
Ise-Kumano-Wakayama Area Tourist Pass

Travel from Osaka/Nagoya to visit the World Heritage site of Kumano Kodo, as part of a grand tour of the Wakayama, Mie and Nara areas!

Unlimited rides on JR local and limited express trains, private railway and buses along the route!
Use of reserved seats on JR limited are free of charge up to 6 times!



  • Adult: ¥16,500 / Child: ¥8,250

*Child: 6 to 11 years of age

Validity Period

5 consecutive days

Available routes

Available routes
Map of the accessible area by JR lines and buses.

Transport services and routes covered by this pass:

JR Line, Ise RailwayJR Line, Ise Railway

Non-reserved seating on JR, Ise Tetsudo limited express, express, rapid, and local trains between Nagoya station – within Osaka City (Kansai line: Kisei line: Hanwa line), Hineno station – Kansai-airport station (Kansai Airport line), Taki station - Toba station (Sangu line), Kameyama station - within Osaka City (Kansai line), Kizu station - within Osaka City (Katamachi line), Kyuhoji station - within Osaka City (Osaka Higashi line), Otori station - Higashi-Hagoromo station (Hanwa line), Wakayama station - Wakayamashi station (Kisei line), Kawarada station - Tsu station (Ise Railway)

>> Timetable:Shin-Osaka ~ Shingu (Kisei Line),Nagoya ~ Toba / Kii-Katsuura (Kisei Line)

Wakayama Electric RailwayWakayama Electric Railway

Wakayama Electric Railway: Wakayama station - Kishi station

Mie Kotsu BusesMie Kotsu Buses
Kumano Gobo Nankai BusKumano Gobo Nankai Bus

Mie Kotsu Buses: Geku-Naiku line, Ise/Futami/Toba Excursion Bus "CAN Bus", Owase station – Washige, Owase station – Segiyama – Kumano Kodo Center, Kumanoshi station – Senmaida and Tori-toge pass entrance

Kumano Gobo Nankai Bus: Kii Katsuura – Nachisan, Shingu station – Kii Katsuura, Shingu station – Hongu Taisha front, Shiko/Kanmaru – Koguchi, Aisuji Line, Hirotsuno Jyutaku Line, Matsuyama Takata Line

>> Timetable:Kii-Katsuura ~ Mt. Nachi, Shingu ~ Hongu Taisha shrine area, Shingu Station ~ Koguchi, Kumanoshi Station ~ Senmaida / Toritoge Pass entrance

>> Timetable:Mie Kotsu Bus(Time Search)

Rental bicycleRental bicycle “Ekirin-kun”

Wakayama station, Shirahama station (The rental service is available for those 12 years old or older.)

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